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Who Is God?

God is.

In the immeasurable vastness of God's being He is the origination of all; from thought to word God brought forth life out of nothing. From outstretching galaxies to the framework of our own solar system planets move in symphonic expression of God's strength. The magnificence of God is known not only in the largest of what can be seen with the eye, but also in the smallest of detailed order.

In this creative framework God brings forth beings who stand in worshipful observance of God's interest captured on the planet where water, land, vegetation and animals spring forth. Yet the moment all of Creation stands in awe of begins when God forms out of dust a being who would stand out above all but God Himself. Made in His own Image God breathes life into man and communes with him.

God loves and cares for all of His Creation; yet dominion He gave to man. God watches, provides for and journeys along side man through sin and eventual death with purpose to Redeem. Through brokenness, through blood, God became His Creation and saved them from destruction. God is He who rebuilds and restores.

Who is God?

God is He who loved us before we were born; knew us and ordained our steps. God is the one who confronts us when in sin, shows mercy when penitent and forgiveness when repentant. God is the one whose Grace will transform us from broken to whole; whose patience will grow His Kingdom and whose wrath will wipe away all things that will seek to separate us from Him ever again.

The beginning and the end.

Now and forever.

God is.


-Pastor Damian