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Why Jesus?

Jesus is arguably the most famous person in all of history. Who Jesus was and what He did is a question each generation must answer for themselves. Was He a good man? Was He a worker of miraculous? Did He stand for social justice or equality? Maybe a philosopher, a prophet- perhaps a man like muhammad, Buddha or Gandhi?

Jesus teaches that He is some of that, none of that- and yet so much more than that. Jesus teachers that He is God. The one who created all things and sustains them. Although part of His creation, God made man unique, in His image.

Yet, Because of sin, our relationship with God was broken; and in our brokeness we have looked for healing and purpose by turning to various people, ideas and relgions for answers. Despite this, God's love for us never faded.

God responded by stepping into His creation and becoming a man, the man Jesus. He lived a life without sin in order to give His life on behalf of those with sin. Because of this, the penalty for sin was satisfied and we can now know forgiveness, healing and restoration by entering through Jesus as the door to salvation. Jesus was resurrected to new life- a life He offers each of us today.

This is what is referred to as the Gospel or Good News about Jesus. Because of this great love, everything we are and do centers around Him- Jesus Christ.