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Peace with Rome

April 2, 2017 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: The Give and Take

Topic: Peace with Rome Passage: Matthew 5:9, John 11:45–11:57, John 1:9–1:13, Romans 8:12–8:17, Galatians 5:16–5:24

Peace with Rome

-Going Deeper-

*Go ahead and pull out your outlines from the above titled sermon and let’s dig deeper into God’s Word Together!

     The Kingdom of Heaven is radical on many levels. First, a random carpenter shows up healing people- delivering them from diseases, giving them sight or hearing- even making them walk or come back from death. Second, this carpenter, named Jesus is teaching people about God in a way that makes Him seem close and fatherly rather than distant and tyrannical. Third, he also taught that while sin has sent the world in a violent direction, Jesus is here to bring a kingdom that will not be brought by the force of the sword, but the change of one’s heart.

     We must let go of our ideas of God and the way the world is around us and embrace Jesus’ teachings in a way that it changes how we live. By ourselves this is impossible; but with God it is all possible. God’s Kingdom is coming and it begins with you here today. Will you take one step closer to Him? God gives us the desires of our hearts when we take delight in Him (Psalm 37:4). This is what we call the Give and Take.

I. “I do not think that word means what you think it means” (Matthew 5:9)

  • Jesus invites His audience to understand that being a member of God’s Kingdom is more than citizenship- it’s family.
  • As Peacemakers are intention is not peace with the world, but peace with the world’s Creator.
  • This is not an invitation to receive the applause of men for a message all are waiting to hear; but rather another invitation to follow in the steps of Jesus.

Question for Discussion
Have you thought about this passage before? If so, before the sermon how would you answer someone who asked you, “Aren’t you Christians supposed to be about peace?”

II. Peace with the Rome is a Worldview (John 11: 45-53)

  • When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead many came to place their faith in Jesus as the Messiah. Many…but not all.
  • Religion that seeks comfort must keep peace with the world.
  • The threat Jesus became.
  •  He performs many signs.
  • Many believe on Him because of the signs.
  • Jesus versus the Rome
  • They see something else in the same Scripture
  • They interpret their own agenda in the same Word
  • The Cost of Peace with Rome
  • Death of this Jesus.

Question for Discussion:
•A worldview that does not have the Gospel central to it’s agenda can lead into all sorts of direction other than God and eternal life. Looking at how the religious leaders in this passage are responding, how would you answer the following:

  • If the Gospel witness you share would cost you your social position, financial stability, family, friends- even possibly your life- would fear limit what you said or confess to believe?
  • Have you ever “read something into” the Bible; looked to prove yourself rather than hear from God?
  • Why is this dangerous and how do we avoid it?
  • If Jesus was offering real peace, why did they seek to capture and kill Him?

III. Peace with Rome has no place for Jesus (John 11:54)
• Jesus does not live responding to the chaos of His circumstance, but walks in light of God’s Will…trusting in God’s timing. He knew that He would become the Passover Lamb (See 1 Corinthians 5:7)
• When our hearts are full of care and concern for this world there is no room for the Creator of the world and lover of our soul!

Question for Discussion
• How does a worldview driven by the fear of persecution make no room for Jesus?

IV. Peace with Rome seeks to Destroy Jesus (John 11: 55-57)
• All is drawing to a climax; everything is leading up to Passover.
• Agents of evil employed; Jesus has become public enemy #1.
• People who hear and knew of Jesus; maybe at one point were part of the journey to God’s Kingdom.

V. Peace with God only through Jesus
• The Will of God (John 1: 9-13)

  • Jesus is the Creator of the world.
  • Jesus is the Redeemer of the world.
  • Jesus makes us the children of God; we have peace and this peace is what we share when we share the Gospel.

• The Leading of God (Romans 8: 12-17)

  • Same Spirit that led Jesus leads us; we are indebted to the lover of our souls and not the lovers of our flesh.
  • We embrace suffering in His Steps; we do not flee from it and compromise out of fear.

• The Empowerment of God (Galatians 5: 16-24)

  • Two Worldview’s compete: which one leads you?

Questions for Discussion
We as believers know the Peace of God because we are His children. The message of peace we share, or the role of peacemaker we are called to is one of faithful witness through our words and works. If we accept the message that Jesus created the world, came to redeem the world through His sacrifice we become a child of God. This is God’s Spirit who awakens us, now leads, and empowers us. (Turn to Galatians 5: 16-24)

  • Why is it important for us as believers to be internally at war within ourselves?
  • Why does it feel conflicting to choose sin in our lives?
  • Why does it feel conflicting to choose righteousness in our lives?

Paul closes the passage with a warning- look at the fruit you are bearing. He lists the fruit of the flesh and compares it with the fruit of the spirit.

  • When you see someone living life bearing the fruit that does not lead to eternal life, are you compelled to tell them about the Good News or Gospel of Jesus Christ? This is being a peacemaker.
  • While we may value the eternal state of someone, why is it so hard to share truth in the immediate moment?

Rome and Jesus. Two worldviews still all around us today. Peace with Rome is driven by fear; Peace with God lets go of fear and becomes a child of God through the Love of God- Jesus Christ. We can know and share the peace that comes from Jesus alone with our Creator. Will you walk in and share His Peace today?


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