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The Holy Spirit at Work - Part 2

May 28, 2017 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: The Church: Her Authority & Mission

Topic: The Holy Spirit at Work - Part 2 Passage: Romans 7:1–8:11, Matthew 12:43–12:45, Romans 6:3–6:4, Galatians 3:19–3:29, Ephesians 6:12–6:13

Going Deeper Questions:

1. Have you ever tried to make something better only to have it turn into something far worse? Jesus also tied the outward effort with the inward spiritual battle. Do you often reflect on the spiritual side of your life and actions / influences? (See Ephesians 6:12)

2. This is important to understand. Outside of God's family one stands condemned because of sin. Inside God's family one is disciplined because of sin. How does this affect your relationship with God? With others?

3. Why do we feel so lost and powerless while battling sin in ourselves? What is self-awareness and how important is it to our walk with Jesus?

 Read Chapter 2 of I Am A Church Member and answer the questions at the end.

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