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The Holy Spirit at Work - Part 3

June 4, 2017 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: The Church: Her Authority & Mission

Topic: The Holy Spirit at Work - Part 3 Passage: 1 Corinthians 11:27–11:34, Leviticus 10, Jude 1:24, 2 Peter 2:8–2:13

Going Deeper Questions

1. Have you ever read this passage and wondered why God wants us to examine ourselves? If Communion is about God's love for you and I through Jesus, why does Paul want us to bring our sin into this? Why not focus on and celebrate our forgiveness... God's Grace?

2. Why did Nadab and Abihu die? Why does God seem tojudge some so harshly and others He seems to not even notice (were these two sons the only ones who sinned that day?!) When Moses reminds Aaron of God's faithfulness, why does Aaron not enjoy the food? What is the difference between living in guilt versus unworthiness?

3. Have you ever felt God intervened in your life to bring you back to the path of Righteousness? Unpack this with your small groups. How does God intervene today? Does the Church, Small groups, Men & Women Ministry, etc play a part?

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