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More Than a Building (Part Three)

July 23, 2017 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: The Church: Her Authority & Mission

Topic: More Than a Building (Part Three) Passage: Luke 21:20–21:24, Daniel 2:31–2:45, Revelation 11:1–11:4, Revelation 19:11–19:21

Going Deeper Questions:

1 (a)

Noting how the people held on to a false sense of security in the temple from last week's sermon, why would the Temple again cause the Disciples to find a false sense of security? (See Luke 21:5-6, Matthew 24:1)


Are we holding on to false securities like money, job, relationships?


Would you still be anchored in our faith if we lost everything we had, like the Jews would in A. D. 70?


We must remember that prophecy is both Forthtelling (speaking into the immediate moment) are Foretelling (speaking about things beyond the immediate moment). While  this was a time table reaching beyond Babylon, Nebuchadnezzer, and Daniel-how could this speak into their immediate moment? 


While the world around us can be chaotic, how does knowing God is in control with a Sovereign, unfolding plan bring you comfort to trust Him, strength to serve Him, and excitement to share Him?


Knowing that we are a part of "Gentile Kingdoms" how can we find comfort in this?


Living in America it can be difficult to disconnect from our National heritage, yet we are a part of God's Kingdom through Jesus. How does this help you navigate current cultural issues, laws and efforts in America that compliment living in a way that God cannot bless?


How are you encouraged to live for Jesus, taking one step closer to Him today?

What is the Next Step?

Read Chapter 6 of I Am A Church Member?

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