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Rhythms that Transform (Part 2)

August 15, 2017 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: The Church: Her Authority & Mission

Topic: Rhythms that Transform (Part 2) Passage: Malachi 2:17–3:5, Matthew 3:1–3:12, Exodus 37:29, Leviticus 8:15, Numbers 8:21, Romans 6:1–6:4, 1 Corinthians 12:12–12:13, Matthew 28:19–28:20, Ephesians 4:1–4:6

Going Deeper Questions:


(a) After everything the Jewish people had gone through, how can just two generations later see a people in a direction away from God?

(b) Remember a time when you sinned, repented, and experienced God’s forgiveness and restoration. How long was it before you sinned again?

(c) No matter how hard we try – we cannot make our world just if we are living life in a direction going away from God. Why are consistent steps closer to Jesus so necessary – yet so hard?



Last week we looked at how the Gospel is both accepting Jesus as our Savior and following Him as our Lord. Here we find the illustration of Baptism – we repent through confession of our sin and are cleansed to live and do life differently.

  • If people truly wanted justice, and Jesus was the answer, why were some hesitant or even out right rejecting this message and practice of John?
  • Can we have peace with God without repentance?
  • Can we have peace with our family, neighbors, and the world without God?



(a) How has this affected your view of Baptism?

(b) When and Why were you Baptized?

(c ) Why is it important to understand and be reminded of Baptism in our lives?



(a) Why is it important to preach the full Gospel – repentance of sin by accepting Jesus as Savior AND following Jesus as Lord?

(b) Can we effectively do Matthew 28:19-20 without practicing Ephesians 4:1-6?

(c) While our Country cries out for love and peace – does that truly exist outside of Jesus?

(d) What about those who claim to follow Jesus and preach love as accepting of sinful life-styles / practices and tolerance for a short-term peace they believe is genuine, but we know to be false? Can we co-exist?

What is the Next Step?

Read Chapter 8 of  I Am A Church Member, answer all of the questions and connect with someone to discuss your answers.

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