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What Is Our Incentive to Follow Jesus?

August 27, 2017 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: The Church: Her Authority & Mission

Topic: What Is Our Incentive to Follow Jesus? Passage: Matthew 19:16–19:30, Leviticus 19:9–19:18, Acts 8:9–8:25, Acts 19:11–19:20

Going Deeper Questions:


While we may not necessarily be believing in our own works for Eternal Life like this young man.

(a) How many of us struggle with the feeling of a sense of superiority over another person due to our length of time of following Jesus, our faithful service to Jesus etc.?

(b) Can internal selfishness cause us to slow down in our walk with Jesus?

(c) If Jesus asked you to sell all that you had right now and distribute it to the poor - I mean everything -  would you argue for your giving so much already, or try to make His word metaphorical for it not to cost so much?

(d) Would you be angry that He asked you and no one else to do this?

(e) Take time to examine your incentive; are you following Jesus with a desire to love as He loves?


(a) While we may not be as apparent as Simon with his self-centered desires, how many of us struggle with the "need to be liked", "need to be the center of attention", or love to be the "go to person" in the eyes of others?

(b) Think about a time when you made something about yourself rather than others or Jesus. How did that illustrate the Gospel?

While Jesus forgives and teaches us through those moments (as we ALL have) we are reminded of the seriousness of keeping our incentives in check. This is also a reminder to value the warning Scripture gives for those desiring to be leaders, to pray for those who are leaders and desire to be faithful in whatever place God has us (them) in this moment.


(a) Again, we may not be traveling exorcists - but have you ever felt that your head was simply a collection of stories about Jesus and your heart was like a dinner table with Jesus' seat empty all the time?

(b) What are some of the things in your life that may be "pushing Jesus out"?

We cannot follow Jesus with a longing for the things of this world - nor can we treat 
Jesus like merchandise. Think about our social media presence.

(c) Think about your Facebook, Instagram, etc.- are these means for you to celebrate your love for Jesus, or flaunt Him in order to prove something to yourself and/or others?

(d) What about your service to Him - if no picture captured the moment, no mention made announcements - would you still be satisfied that you were faithful to Jesus in that moment the rest of the world missed?


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