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Pursuing Spiritual Maturity

September 3, 2017 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: The Church: Her Authority & Mission

Topic: Pursuing Spiritual Maturity Passage: Genesis 13, 1 John 2:1–2:17, 2 Peter 2:6–2:10

Going Deeper Questions:


(a) At what point in Genesis 13 do we see Abraham or Lot seeking God’s direction?

(b) What would you have chosen, having been in Lot’s shoes?

(c) How many of us regularly seek God’s presence and purpose?

(d) Do we ask – what do YOU (God) want to do through me as a career, relationship, family (parent and or son / daughter)?

(e) While we certainly live in a world like Lot, why are we challenged to sacrifice our conviction for comfort?

(f) Why was Lot the only one saved?

(g) If he placed his faith in God’s Righteousness and it was counted to him for his salvation – why was it not enough for his wife and daughters?

(h) Is knowing the truth without shaping our lives around it a good, healthy Gospel witness?



(a) Why does John begin by reminding us what Jesus is to us?

Explain the importance and value of Jesus as our Advocate, then Propitiation and example to follow. The world often throws out, “I like Jesus; not Christians”.

(b) Why do you think that is?

It is important to know Jesus from the Word; this is the transition from children into young men (women / people).

(c) Can we understand doctrine (teaching) without reading the Bible?

(d) How important is Bible reading & prayer for us to grow and produce spiritual fruit?

As we apply that knowledge we gain experience and mature becoming “fathers”.

(e) How many of you either had or have God’s mentors in your lives?

(f) Why did you choose them?

(g) Where are you in these stages John writes about?

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