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Patmos -The Island for Misfit People

January 7, 2018 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Revelation Text

Topic: Patmos -The Island for Misfit People

Message outline
Title: Patmos -The Island for Misfit People
Series: Revelation Text: Revelation 1: 1-20
Main Idea: Stop Trying to Fit in; Be A Part of the Story!

I. Jesus > John. Let’s get this right! (Vv. 1-3)
⦁ God to Jesus to His Servants
⦁ God to Jesus to Angel (Messenger) to John
⦁ Angel (Messenger) bears witness to what was spoken (word) from the Father, validation of the Son- shares all that he has seen (nothing else)
⦁ 3-fold Blessing on those who Proclaim (share), Hear (Receive), and Live Out (obey). Time is Near.

II. The Intended Audience: Churches! (Vv.4-8)
⦁ Grace & Peace. From God the Father, Son & Spirit.
⦁ Jesus- who made us a part of God’s Family / Kingdom
⦁ We are presently serving (Kingdom Coming)
⦁ He is coming! (Gk. Already in motion towards us)
⦁ Universal Witness / legacy of this (beyond time)
⦁ Jesus is God- all our senses engaged.

III. A Misfit in this World; a Citizen of the Eternal! (Vv.9-20)
⦁ John was a misfit in his day and sent to Patmos.
⦁ We are not just sharing a story, but are invited to be a part of the story!
⦁ When we turn our eyes on Jesus- through His Word and Life- We are invited to follow and become a part of something that will change the world around us.

Going deeper questions (Small Group)
⦁ How much should we care about the End Times and why?
⦁ Rank the 3-fold blessing in Part I from hardest to easiest, for you to do, and discuss your ranking.
⦁ Why was John sent to Patmos? What did Jesus tell him to do?
⦁ Is your witness one of telling and living or just telling?

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