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Letting Go of Fear - Saying Yes to Jesus

January 28, 2018 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Revelation Text

Topic: Letting Go of Fear - Saying Yes to Jesus

Message outline
Title: Smyrna -Letting Go of Fear
Series: Revelation
Mini Series: Saying YES! to God Text: Revelation 2:8-11
Main Idea: Let Go of Fear and Follow Jesus!

I. Follow in the Footsteps of Jesus (v.1)
⦁ The path He chose
II. Don’t Choose Fear! (Vv. 9-10)
⦁ What saying Yes! to God brought the Smyrna Believers:
⦁ Tribulation
⦁ Poverty
⦁ Label of Atheist
⦁ What Jesus Promises:
⦁ Prison / Trials
⦁ Further Tribulation
⦁ Death / Martyrdom
III. Say Yes to God! (v. 11)
⦁ Saying Yes to Fear:
⦁ Will pursue Safety in this life
⦁ Will pursue Security in this life
⦁ Will pursue Social Acceptance in this life
⦁ Saying YES! to God:
⦁ Will lead us to follow in Jesus’ Steps
⦁ Will lead us unto Eternal Life beyond the judgment wherein all else will perish.

Going deeper questions (SMall Group)
⦁ What stood out to you about the Smyrna Church and why?

⦁ Name your 3 top fears for sharing your faith. How is Christ the answer to those fears?

⦁ How do we see Jesus in this passage? Unpack this quote by John Macarthur, “Trials and persecution strengthen and refine genuine saving faith, but uncover and destroy false faith”.

⦁ What are you doing to let go of fear, and say YES! to God and follow Jesus into Life Eternal? 

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