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Pergamum -Don’t be Seduced by this World!

February 4, 2018 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Revelation Text

Topic: Pergamum -Don’t be Seduced by this World!

Title: Pergamum -Don’t be Seduced by this World!
Series: Revelation
Mini Series: Saying YES! to God Text: Revelation 2:12-17
Main Idea: Do not be seduced by this world; pursue Jesus!

I. Look to Jesus, the Only Truth! (v.12)
⦁ Look to Jesus whose word is sharp and true!
II. Keep Our Eyes on Jesus! (Vv. 13-15)
⦁ Take God’s Word Literally:
⦁ Example of Antipas- a faithful martyr
⦁ Be Mindful of Satan’s Seductive Ways:
⦁ False god / counterfeit healing
⦁ The doctrine of Balaam leading people away from God and His protection
⦁ Feast of food of Idols
⦁ Feast on Carnality / Immorality
⦁ The false doctrine of Nicolaitans
III. Be Found Serving Jesus! (v. 16-17)
⦁ Judgment begins with God’s House
⦁ Repent of sin that leads us to entertain the seductive ways of this world.
⦁ Feed on the Truth found in God’s Word.
⦁ Pursue the Kingdom of God at all cost!

Going deeper questions (Small Group)
1. What stood out to you about the Pergamum Church and why?
2.  Do you believe the Bible is God’s Word? If yes, how does your life validate this? If no, or not fully, what are you doing to answer the doubts you have?
3.  How do we see Jesus in this passage? How do we see Satan in this passage? Whose influence can be seen in your life?
4.  What are you doing to keep your eyes on Jesus, avoiding the seduction of this world? When you give in, what are your steps to get back on track?

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