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A Love That Points and Leads to Jesus!

February 11, 2018 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Revelation Text

Topic: A Love That Points and Leads to Jesus!

Title: Thyatira- A Love That Points Leads to Jesus!
Series: Revelation
Mini Series: Saying YES! to God Text: Revelation 2:18-29
Main Idea: Resist Tolerance; Truth in Love alone leads to Jesus!

I. Look to Jesus, the Son of God! (v.18)
⦁ Not a sympathetic High Priest, but a Divine Judge!
II. Love in Truth, not Tolerance! (Vv. 19-29)
⦁ Love can exist on a foundation of truth or tolerance:
⦁ Love / Faithfulness / Service / Patient Endurance
⦁ Making a POSITIVE impact in their city
⦁ Increasing in this
⦁ Love upon Tolerance leads to Judgment and Death:
⦁ The Prophetess Jezebel offers rebellion
⦁ Teaching (words) / Eating Idols Food
⦁ Seducing (leading) / Immorality
⦁ Jesus offers forgiveness
⦁ She cannot let go of fleshly desires
⦁ Her road leads to death; her influence reaches beyond to next generation
⦁ Love upon Truth leads to Jesus and Life:
⦁ Jesus is confirmed by His judgment. (Vv.23-24)
⦁ Love upon Truth is our Gospel Witness (v.25)
⦁ We will receive from Jesus what He has from the Father- Loving the flock well. (Vv. 26-27)
⦁ We will have Jesus, face-to-face (Vv. 28-29)

Going deeper questions (Small Group)
⦁ What stood out to you about the church in Thyatira and why?
⦁ How is love not necessarily the proof of truth? Can you love without truth? Can you have truth without love?
⦁ How do we see Jesus in this passage? How do you struggle with tolerating rather than speaking truth?
⦁ What is the difference between being patient and tolerant? How come tolerance does not point to Jesus?
⦁ Are you tolerating sin in your own life? Will you confess and repent of it today? Do you walk in His forgiveness and restoration?

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