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Gospel Ministry- A Invitation for Everyone

February 25, 2018 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Vision Cast Sunday: 2018

Topic: Gospel Ministry- A Invitation for Everyone

Message outline

Title: Gospel Ministry- A Invitation for Everyone

Series: Vision Cast Sunday: 2018  

Text: John 3:16 / Supporting Text(s)

Main Idea: God’s Love is TOO GREAT to keep a Secret!!   


I. Humanities Shared Heritage

·         Created in God’s Image / Genesis 1:26-27

o   Of & Through Jesus / Colossians 1:15-19

·         The Value of a Human Soul to God: John 3:16

II. The Road Less Traveled (aka: The Romans Road)

·         The Law condemns all-> Pointing us to a Savior!

o   Romans 3:10-24 (Reference John 3:17)

·         Life affirms this judgment -> We all Die!

o   Romans 6:23

·         Why Jesus was necessary -> God made a Way!

o   Romans 5:5-9

·         How to Receive God’s Love -> Confess & Believe!

o   Romans 10:9-13

·         Being a part of God’s Family -> He is FOREVER our Father!

o   Romans 5:1-5

o   Romans 8:31; 38-39

III. Doing Life Together -> All Scripture Leads to Jesus!

·         Growing and Sharing is hard enough as God’s child!

o   Philippians 2:12-16

·         Not all that make a profession are genuine

o   Matthew 13:47-51

·         The Gospel falls on hearts in many different seasons

o   Matthew 13:1-23

Going deeper questions (SMall Group)

·         What stood out to you about this sermon and why?

·          Share your testimony of salvation with each other.  How well do you know your story? Do you have a 3 min, 10 min, or full version ready for any moment?

·         Share how you led someone to Jesus.  Share what you felt- fear, nervousness- how did you overcome to share & lead?

·         The deeper we know God’s love (daily) the more passionate we share (witness).  How do you keep this love passionate?

Notes (Personal)

 Read John 3:1-21


Here we find Jesus having a conversation with a Pharisee who came to Him under the guise of nightfall.  Let’s unpack this discussion together!


Vv.2-3.  Why did he come to Jesus at night?


Vv.4-8.  What is the difference between being born in the flesh and born in the spirit?  Which birth leads to the kingdom of God?


Vv.9-16 How is the reference to Moses significant to the work of Jesus?


Vv.17-21 What does Jesus mean, He did not come to condemn the world, but save it?  Is your witness one of condemnation or salvation?  What is the difference?