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Babylon: Humanities Tragic Love Story

June 17, 2018 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Revelation Text

Topic: Babylon: Humanities Tragic Love Story

GOING DEEPER Questions (Small Group)

  • What stood out to you about this message and why?
  • Why is Babylon pictured as a woman enticing through Immorality?
  • What about the woman was so shocking to you? Why?
  • Name some similarities between Revelation 18 & Genesis 19.
  • Is there any part of you living in Babylon (Rev 18:4)? Reread 2 Peter 2:7-22. How do you resist the influence of Babylon in your life?




Message outline

Title: Babylon: Humanities Tragic Love Story

Series: Revelation

Text: Revelation 17-18

Main Idea: God’s Kingdom is Coming; His Will is Being Done


  1. All This World Can Offer… (Revelation 17)
  • A Woman Rides the Beast
    • Her Character: Whore (v.1)
    • Her Influence: Kings & Kingdoms (v.2)
    • Her Pimp: The Beast (v.3)
    • Her Appearance: Alluring (v.4)
    • Her Identity: Mystery (v. 5)
    • Her Cost: Blood / Conviction (v.6)
  • A Deadly Captivation
    • John marvels at this woman (v.7)
    • The Influence of the Beast will:
      • Come from among the Nations (Vv.9-12)
      • Wage war against the Gospel Effort (Vv.13-14)
      • Win over the world through the woman (v.15)
      • Turn on the woman (v.16)
    • God is still in Control (Vv. 17-18)
  1. Has a Tragic Cost (Revelation 18)
  • Babylon has become:
    • A Ghost Town of unmet expectation (Vv.1-2)
    • A loss to the entire world (v.3)
  • God calls His Family out of Babylon (Vv. 4-5)
    • See Genesis 19
    • See 2 Peter 2:7-22
  • God visits the cost of sin upon her citizens (Vv.6-9)
  • The world mourns such a loss (Vv.10-19)
  • The Saints Rejoice (Vv.20-24)
    • See Romans 12:19


The world offers you everything.

But when the world is gone

all that is left



and You.

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