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Testing the Spirits

October 7, 2018 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Living in the Holy Spirit

Topic: Testing the Spirits, Living in the Holy Spirit

1. What stood out to you about this message and why?
2. What is significant in Ezra 3:11-13 (Note Jeremiah 31:13). How has this
been experienced in your own life?
3. How did the Exiles face adversity? Do you experience similar efforts into
your life from our enemy?
4. What did Jesus say about cleaning a house and filling it with anything other
than Him?
5. What stood out to you from Paul, Peter and John’s direction for us today?
6. What areas of your life need “testing” and how are you making room for
Jesus in your own Soul’s house?

Title: Testing the Spirits
Series: Living in the Holy Spirit
Text: Key Passage- I John 4:1-6
Main Idea: The Cross releases us to RISE UP in Him!
I. Time to Return & Redeem the Land of Promise
A) The time has come to Return to the Land of Promise
o Zerubbabel, Seed of Babylon, leads 1st in 538 BC
o Ezra, Jehovah Helps, leads 2nd in 458 BC
o Nehemiah, Jehovah Comforts, leads 3rd in 445 BC
B) Territory once lost is now Redeemed (Ezra 3:8 - 4:1-6)

  1. Foundations are laid, offices filled, and hearts
    Rejoicing (3:8-13)
  2. Adversaries to the returned Exiles offer to mingle
    with them in building the Temple (Vv.1-2)
  3.  Leadership identifies the “spirit” behind the
    Samaritan assistance and refuses their offer (v.3)
  4. Their adversaries intensify their efforts to stop their
    work by (Vv.4-7):
    a) Discouraging the People
    b) Brought fear into the People
    c) Bribed counsellors to distract them from their
    d) They wrote an official letter to the new
    Leadership in Babylon seeking to permanently
    halt the effort.
    II. There are Many Spirits of Adversity in This World!
    a) Jesus understood the “spirit” behind the people’s words
    (Luke 11:14-23)
    b) Jesus warns that to fill our spiritual house with anything other
    than HIM will result in a greater loss. (Luke 11: 24-26)
    III. Test the Spirits- only God’s Spirit will truly Redeem!
    a) Paul’s, small / humble, Direction -> Ephesians 5:15-21
    b) Peter’s, stone, Direction -> I Peter 5:1-11
    c) John’s, YAHWEH is Gracious, Direction -> I John 4:1-7
    1. NOTE: John 4:1-45 (Esp. Vv.39-43)

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