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“Don’t Throw in the Towel!” -God

January 6, 2019 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Humanity’s Only Hope

Topic: “Don’t Throw in the Towel!” -God

Going deeper questions (Life Group)

  • What stood out to you about this message and why?
  • How did Prophets represent God’s presence all the time, not just in moments of crisis (ER Visits)?
  • Talk through each of the 7 attributes of Jesus in Vv.2-4. How has this brought / bringing you comfort and strength?
  • Have you ever had someone not be there for you? Not be the person they should be in your life with their actions / words?  How has this hurt you?
  • Have you transitioned those experiences on God- where are / were you God? How do verses 5-14 comfort you?
  • What has stopped you from throwing in the towel before? Are you a part of helping others hold on and keep going? Take time to love on each other with words of encouragement, transparency and prayer.

Message outline

Title: “Don’t Throw in the Towel!” -God

Series: Hebrews: Humanity’s Only Hope

Text: Key Passage-> Hebrews 1

Main Idea: Don’t Throw in the Towel on our Faith in Jesus!


  1. “I’m More than an ER Visit” -God (v.1)
  • God sent His Prophets to speak into people’s lives daily; We tend to only hear about / listen when we are at a crisis moment.
  • Remember: Prophets both forth-tell and fore-tell.


  1. “Look to My Son, Jesus” -God (Vv.2-4)
  • God speaks through His Son:
    • Jesus- Heir (Bringing Heaven and Humanity together)
    • Jesus- Creator (Always God’s intention)
    • Jesus- Radiator (Son is not lesser than Father)
    • Jesus- Exact Imprint (Image that we are shaped into)
    • Jesus- Sustainer (The Finish Line will be Crossed)
    • Jesus- Purifier (We are Prepared & Being Prepared)
    • Jesus- Ruler (All is working toward this Union)


III. “I Have Always Been There” -God (Vv.5-12)

  • “Take Refuge in Me” -Psalm 2 / Hebrews 1:5
  • “Don’t settle for less than Me” -Psalm 97 / Hebrews 1:6
  • “I Will Be your Strength” -Psalm 104 / Hebrews 1:7
  • “I’m NOT leaving you; WE are in this Together” -Psalm 45 / Heb 1:8-12


  1. “I’m Not Letting You Throw that Towel In!” -God (Vv.13-14)
  • God’s Kingdom is Coming; Heaven is HERE! (v.13)
    • Heaven is the balance of all things in Him. Our YES to Him in Bible reading, prayer and life / service brings Heaven into our lives and overflows into others.
  • There is Spiritual Warfare behind the physical reality we see and live in; battle for and on behalf of us. Do not loose heart; do not deny Jesus!  There is no compromise- AT ALL COST, DO NOT THROW IN THAT TOWEL! (v.14)



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