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A Donkey, a Vineyard, & the Kingdom of God

April 14, 2019 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Easter_2019

Topic: A Donkey, a Vineyard, & the Kingdom of God

Going deeper questions (Life Group)

  • What stood out to you about this message and why?
  • Why did Jesus enter Jerusalem this way on a donkey? How come Jesus is the only one named in this story? (Point I)
  • Who is the planter of the vineyard? What is the history of the Vineyard?  What did Jesus reveal with His story? (Point II)
  • Why was the Kingdom of God taken from the Jewish leaders and given to another? Who is the cornerstone and why was His Humbleness important? (Point III)
  • What is the difference between inward and outward focus when it comes to our faith and mission? What was the focus of the Pharisees? Which was Jesus’? Which are you?

Message outline

Title:  A Donkey, a Vineyard, & the Kingdom of God

Series: Palm Sunday 2019

Text: Key Passage-> Matthew 21:1-11 / 33-46

Main Idea: Jesus’ Salvation is anchored in His Obedience


  1. A Donkey that Bears a Humble King (Matthew 21:1-11)
  • Jesus sends two Disciples to acquire a donkey and her colt for His entrance into Jerusalem (Vv.1-5)
    • Note -> Vv. 2-3
  • Clothes and Palm Branches are strewn out for Jesus’ Procession into Jerusalem as crowds praise (Vv.6-11)


  1. A Vineyard that Produces (Matthew 21:33-41)
  • God Planted a Vineyard (Matthew 21:33)
    • See -> Exodus 15:1-21
  • The History of the Vineyard
    • See -> Isaiah 5:1-10
      • God provides for His Vineyard expecting a harvest (1-4)
      • Bitter Grapes bring God’s Wrath (5-7)
        • Inward rather than outward focus is not God’s desire (8-10)
      • See -> Psalm 80:1-19
        • The Vineyard is humbled and healed
      • History will repeat itself (Matthew 21:34-41) in the witness of the Scribe and Pharisees’ own words. The Vineyard owner’s son would be taken and killed.


III. Kingdom of God Taken and Given (Matthew 21:42-46)

  • Jesus is the true Son, the true Cornerstone (v.42)
    • See -> Psalm 118:17-24
  • God’s Kingdom will be taken from the Jewish Leaders and given to another who will follow in the steps of His Son (Vv.43-46) Not inward, but outward focused!
    • See -> Philippians 2:1-13.
    • See -> John 8:28-30.


In Christ, God’s Vineyard, the Kingdom of God is ours; will we be inward or outward focused? Outward focus requires us to be the donkey who brings Jesus into the world around us!

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