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Jesus is Alive! What Now?

April 21, 2019 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Easter_2019

Topic: Jesus is Alive! What Now?

Going deeper questions (Life Group)

  • What stood out to you about this message and why?
  • Where was Jesus buried and why? What were the Chief Priests and Pharisees afraid of? Why was the tomb opened? (Point I)
  • What are the differences between Jesus’ First Coming as Savior and His Second Coming as King? (Point II)
  • What is God’s invitation? How does it go out into the world today? (Point III)
  • What has Christ freed us to do? How can we grow to know and love Jesus more, serving Him with greater passion and worship?  (Ephesians 1:17-18) (Point IV) Asking God to open our eyes to see Jesus clearer without being in the Word is counterproductive- How is your Bible reading and Prayer life?  Is your passion and witness for Jesus growing in strength daily or weakening?  I pray for you daily in His Name and Love! -Damian


Message outline

Title:  Jesus is Alive! What Now?

Series: Resurrection Sunday 2019

Text: Key Passage-> Supporting Text

Main Idea: Jesus is Alive- He is risen, Just as He Said!!


  1. And this Happened! (Matthew 28:1-10)
  • Jesus is dead
    • Body wrapped and sealed in a tomb (Matthew 27:57-61)
    • Eye of the Storm (Matthew 27:62-66)
  • Jesus is alive
    • Tomb is opened for a witness to it being empty
    • Both an angel and Jesus affirm the meeting in Galilee for His Disciples


  1. Scripture Fulfilled (1 Corinthians 15:1-11)
  • In Jesus’ Coming as Savior from sin (1 Corinthians 15:1-11)
    • Encouragement to hold on to our Faith in Jesus’ Resurrection, for the witness of Scripture has come to pass.
    • Even if life seems like all is falling apart, everything is going according to God’s Plan as seen in the Gospel.
    • Grace is the foundation of the Gospel- Jesus dealt with our sin once and for all as Paul discovers sufficient for himself. It is through our witness God draws others to Faith.
  • In Jesus’ Return as King to Judge (Psalm 2)
    • Rebellion of humanity/ Response from God (Vv.1-6)
    • Reign of Jesus / Divine Rule (Vv.7-9)
    • Grace or Judgment- our Responsibility (Vv.10-12)


III. Freed to Serve our Coming King

  • Jesus sends His Disciples out with Authority (John 20:19-23)
  • Our faith in Jesus frees us to live in and for Him through His abiding Spirit (Romans 8:1-11)
  • All is given to His Reigning Son, Jesus (Ephesians 1:15-23)

Will You Be RENEWED in Him Today