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The Tabernacle: A Parable of Heaven

May 26, 2019 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Humanity’s Only Hope

Topic: The Tabernacle: A Parable of Heaven

Going deeper questions (Life Group)

  • What stood out to you about this message and why?
  • What is the difference between the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place? (Point I)
  • Why was Israel in the Old Testament / under the Law unable to have a clear / purified conscious before God through the Tabernacle sacrifices? (Point I)
  • Why could God not be accessed in the Most Holy while the Holy part of Tabernacle stood? What is significant of the altar of incense and torn veil in Jesus? (Point I)
  • Is our conscious able to be purified in Jesus today? If so, how?  Why are we waiting for Jesus to Return in order to save us?   Do you eagerly await His Return?  (Point II)


Message outline

Title:  The Tabernacle: A Parable of Heaven

Series: Hebrews: Humanity’s Only Hope

Text: Key Passage-> Hebrews 9

Main Idea: An earthly shadow of a Heavenly Reality


  1. Parable: An Earthly Shadow (Hebrews 9:1-10)
  • Tabernacle: It’s Structure (Vv. 1-5)
    • Holy Place (Vv.1-2)
      • Lampstand
      • Table
      • Bread of the Presence
    • Most Holy Place (Vv.3-5)
      • Altar of Incense
      • Ark of the Covenant
        • Urn of Manna
        • Aaron’s Budded Staff
        • Tablets of Covenant
      • Cherubim forming Mercy Seat
    • Tabernacle: It’s Ministry (Vv.6-7)
      • Weekly Service (v.6)
      • Annual Service (v.7)
    • Tabernacle: It’s Inability (Vv.8-10)
      • Unintentional sins were covered; not intentional sins. Therefore, conscience was not fully relieved.
        • See -> Numbers 15:30-31
        • See -> Psalm 51
      • The Most Holy cannot be opened while the holy place stands.
        • See ->Matthew 27:50-51
        • See -> John 17


  1. Parable: A Heavenly Reality (Hebrews 9:11-28)
  • In Christ, our conscious is purified and we are cleansed to serve as priests unto our High Priest (Vv.11-14)
  • In Christ, we are purified heirs through His Blood & Death (Vv.15-22)
  • In Christ, we stand in service eagerly waiting for His Return to save us!
    • See -> Romans 7:21-8:11

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