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Being Strong and Courageous

August 4, 2019 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Joshua: Salvation Through Judgment

Topic: Being Strong and Courageous

Going deeper questions (Life Group)

  • What stood out to you about this message and why?
  • How do we see the heart of God in this first section through both Israel and the Church? How does this impact your perception of God? (Point I)
  • We all have potential with God; but does that me we naturally attain it? How to we attain it? (Point II)
  • Looking at the 3 times God tells Joshua to be strong and courageous, which time stands out for you in this moment of your life? (Point III)
  • As a leader do you find yourself more of a doer or hearer? As a congregation, do you have a submissive attitude toward church leadership? Why or why not? (Point IV & V)

              Message outline

Title: “Being Strong and Courageous”   

Series: Joshua: Salvation Through Judgment

Text: Key Passage-> Joshua 1:3-18

Main Idea: Walking with God brings Strength & Courage!


  1. The Heart of God
  • With Israel. As Moses passes the baton on to Joshua, God invites Moses into an omniscient perspective.
    • See -> Deuteronomy 31
  • With the Church. Believers today are invited into this same omniscient perspective.
    • See -> 1 Timothy 4:1-5; Matthew 24:3-14
  1. The Potential God is Offering (Vv.3-5)
  • A Land with generous boarders (Vv.3-4)
  • God’s Presence with Joshua as was with Moses (v.5)
    • God will not fail nor forsake
      • See -> Romans 8:37-39

III. The Faith God is Asking For (Vv.6-9)

  • Be strong and courageous (v.6)
    • God will fulfill His Word.
      • See -> Genesis 17:1-8
    • Be strong and very courageous (v.7)
      • Know God, Walk with God, Obey God does not give us commands without teaching us how to obey and live out in His Promises.
        • See -> Luke 13:22-30
      • Be strong and of a good courage (Vv.8-9)
        • God’s presence will drive out fear, and anchor faith in times when things do not go according to plan.
          • See -> Matthew 28:16-20
  1. The Leadership God is Providing (Vv.10-15)
  • It’s time to move; preparation through the ranks (Vv.10-11)
    • See -> James 2:21-26
  • Defining the finish line (Vv.12-15)
    • See -> Numbers 32
  1. The Submission Israel is Offering (Vv.16-18)

The people submit themselves to Joshua’s leadership under God; only be strong and courageous!

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