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"Surprised by God"

August 25, 2019 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Joshua: Salvation Through Judgment

Topic: "Surprised by God"

Going deeper questions (Life Group)

  • What stood out to you about this message and why?
  • What is the difference between being successful and being faithful? How did the 12 spies of Moses model fear while the 2 spies of Joshua modeled faith? (Point I)
  • Describe Rahab’s journey out of Jericho. How does this describe our own journey out of sin? (Point II)
  • Describe Rahab’s journey of faith toward God. How does each point relate to our own journey in the Gospel today? (Point II)
  • Surprised to find God already in Jericho through Rahab, the entire experience was incredible for these two spies. Are you residing in a place of Shittim?  Is it time to trust and move on in Faithfulness? (Point III)

              Message outline

Title: “Surprised by God”    

Series: Joshua: Salvation Through Judgment

Text: Key Passage-> Joshua 2:1-24  

Main Idea: God is present and at work all around us!


  1. Learning from the Past (Joshua 2:1a)
  • The Difference between Success and Faithfulness
    • Moses / 12 Spies -> Numbers 13:25-14:20
      • Overwhelmed, the spies felt they could not be successful.
      • Shittim – Living in a place of Defeat
        • See -> Numbers 25:1-9 / 31:13-20
      • Joshua / 2 Spies -> Joshua 2:22-24
        • Focused, the spies are convinced that God is faithful to them; they can be to Him.


  1. Surprised by God in Jericho (Joshua 2:1b-14)
  • Rahab: The journey away from Jericho
    • Innkeeper (v.1b)
    • Servant (Vv.2-3)
    • Liar (Vv.4-7)
      • See -> Hebrews 11:30-31
      • See -> James 2:24-26
    • Rahab: The journey of Faith toward God
      • Hearing of God with Israel (Vv.8-10)
        • See -> Romans 10:17-21
      • Confessing that God is God (v.11)
        • See -> Deuteronomy 4:32-40
      • Believing the Promises (Vv.12-14)
      • Obeying her new King (Vv.15-21)


III. Faith in God is True Success (Vv.22-3:1)

  • The fire of Faith is lit and burns bright- it is time to rise up and move

It is time to leave Shittim; it is time to leave our places of defeat!

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