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12 Stones to Remind Them All

September 15, 2019 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Joshua: Salvation Through Judgment

Topic: 12 Stones to Remind Them All

Going deeper questions (Life Group)

  • What stood out to you about this message and why?
  • God’s presence brought judgment to Canaan and Salvation to Israel. When you pray, read the Bible or spend time in community with other believers do you feel freedom or judgment?  What can cause both after salvation? (Point I)
  • What was circumcision to symbolize? How seriously did God take the people obeying this? Beyond the outward role, what does God desire in the heart? (Point II)
  • What was the reproach that God removed from the people? In our lives today we are forgiven through Christ, empowered through the Spirit to live for Him- how do you struggle and overcome sin living now in Christ versus living life outside of Him? (Point III-IV)
  • Are you living on God’s side? Do you seek to walk in Him, pursuing His will or are you struggling to pursue your own agenda? How can we tell the difference? When you are in His Presence, do you respond in worship like Joshua? How valuable to you are these moments of worship? (Point V)


     Message outline

Title: 12 Stones to Remind Them All

Series: Joshua: Salvation Through Judgment

Text: Key Passage-> Joshua 5:1-15   

Main Idea: God is present and at work all around us!


  1. God Brings Salvation through Judgment (Joshua 5:1).
  • God has brought Israel across the Jordan to inherit a land presently occupied. For the Canaanites this presence is judgment; for Israel it is salvation.
    • Note -> 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
  1. God Sanctifies His People (Joshua 5:2-8)
  • The pattern of Peace (Vv.2-3)
    • God directs Joshua (v.2)
    • Joshua directs the people (v.3a)
    • The People obey (v.3b)
  • Outward sign of Circumcision reinstated (Vv.4-8)
    • The Pattern

Exodus 12:43-51; 14                       Joshua 5:4-8

  • Circumcision Crossing the Jordan
  • Passover Circumcision
  • Crossing the Red Sea Passover
  • Inward meaning of Circumcision affirmed
    • Sign given to Abraham (Genesis 17:10-14)
    • To be obeyed by all (Exodus 4:18-26)
    • One cannot be without the other (Jeremiah 4:4)

III. The Old Has Passed Away (Joshua 5:9)

  • God has removed Israel from the land of Egypt, driven Egypt from the Heart of Israel, now invites Israel to leave Egypt behind them.
    • Note ->Contrast Genesis 34 /Colossians 3:1-17
  1. The New Has Come (Joshua 5:10-12)
  • Passover signified a new Season for Israel
  1. God Leads His People (Joshua 5:13-15)
  • Us or them? Joshua asks the man with drawn sword whose side he is on. (v.13)
  • The Commander of the Lord’s Army is not on either of their sides. His eyes are on God and His Will.
    • Note -> Hebrews 10:1-18 (John 3:16)

Realizing he was in the presence of God, Joshua worships, awaiting His direction.

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