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Gibeon- Whatever It Takes

October 20, 2019 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Joshua: Salvation Through Judgment

Topic: Gibeon- Whatever It Takes

Going deeper questions (Life Group)

  • What stood out to you about this message and why?
  • How often have you felt like the enemy gathers his troops and brings the fight to you? What are ways you are vulnerable to his efforts?  (Point I)
  • Gibeon saw what happened to both Jericho and Ai, as well as knowing God’s proclamation (see- Joshua 8:30-35) they felt that even the alliance was doomed. They believed that the God of Israel was greater.  How is this like Rahab’s story? (See -Joshua 2:9-11) Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to connect with someone who has a similar story / experience to your own?  (Point II)
  • After everything they experienced with Ai (the defeat with Achan) why would neither Joshua nor Elders seek God’s wisdom? How prone are we to forego inquiring of the Lord, judging circumstance by our own perception?   (Point III)
  • God used Joshua’s failure to bless Gibeon; would God have still blessed Gibeon if Joshua would have inquired of Him? How do we become more of a church that moves in His leading, seeing brokenness healed in all people rather than an environment where people feel they need to hide / lie about their pain / struggle? (Point IV)
  • Is any part of your life a deception? Will you not embrace the healing of Christ today-no matter the cost? (Point IV)



              Message outline

Title: Gibeon- Whatever It Takes

Series: Joshua: Salvation Through Judgment

Text: Key Passage-> Joshua 9:1- 10:14    

Main Idea: God is present and at work all around us!


  1. Bringing the Fight to Joshua and Israel (Joshua 9:1-2)
  • An Alliance is made to bring the fight to Israel (Joshua 9:1-2)
  1. Whatever it Takes (Joshua 9:3-13)
  • Gibeon defects to survive (v.3)
    • Observation
      • Jericho- Israel’s God is the greater God
      • Ai- Israel’s God is the greater General
    • Plan
      • The false appearance (Vv.4-5)
      • The Lie (Vv.6-13)

III. Judging by Appearances (Joshua 9:14-21)

  • Joshua and leaders fail to inquire of the Lord (v.14) and pledge peace to the Gibeon people (v.15) (Note -> Deuteronomy 7)
  • The truth begins to surface (v.16) culminating with the loss of inheritance (v.17).
  • The people of Israel are outraged with Leadership (v.18) and they plead tied hands due to oath (v.19)
  • Joshua acts (in Anger and / or Fear) to contain the present influence of Gibeon upon Israel. (Vv.20-21)

III. A Generational Wound is Still Felt (Joshua 9:22-25).

  • The difference between Israel and Canaan is what equalizes us as humans (Vv.22-23)
  • Gibeon reveals that they saw no other option- they were willing to do whatever it takes to survive! (Vv.24-25)
    • Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japeth (Genesis 9:18-29)
    • Ham was the father of Canaan; recipient of a curse due to behavior. A wound that would transcend his own life into the lives of his descendants (Genesis 10:15-20)
  1. Gibeon Receives Peace and Healing Begins (Joshua 9:26-10:15)
  • God with them today (Deliverance / Identity):
    • Gibeon delivered from Israel (9:26-27)
    • Gibeon delivered from Canaanite Alliance (10:1-15)
  • God with them tomorrow (God’s family will not be divided):
    • King Saul and his house persecuted Gibeonites; God brought forth justice / healing (2 Samuel 21:1-14 / Romans 12:19)
  • God brings ultimate healing through Christ

We share in this peace and healing (Galatians 3:22-29)

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