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Israel’s Footstool (Part 1)

October 27, 2019 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Joshua: Salvation Through Judgment

Topic: Israel’s Footstool (Part 1)

Going deeper questions (Life Group)

  • What stood out to you about this message and why?
  • Who were the Five kings and why were they fleeing to a cave? (Read James 4:7) What needs to be set to flight in your own life? (Point I)
  • Why did Joshua have Israel’s chief men of war put their feet on the necks of the five kings? How does this foreshadow Jesus’ reign? (See 1 Corinthians 15:24-28) (Point I)
  • What is significant about the region of Makkedah? As the kings (heads) of the people are struck down, the kingdoms are scattered.  How does this relate to Genesis 3:15? (Point II)
  • How is God’s justice, mercy and salvation seen in this portion of Joshua? While it can be hard to look beyond the surface level of what the Bible may be saying in one part, why is it necessary? How appreciative are you for His renewed mercies- are you grateful, unaware, entitled?  How can we be a people who more and more live with the urgency to make His Salvation known in this day of Mercy before His Justice comes?  (Point III)

              Message outline

Title: Canaan: Israel’s Footstool (Part 1)

Series: Joshua: Salvation Through Judgment

Text: Key Passage-> Joshua 10:15-43

Main Idea: God is present and at work all around us!


  1. Enemies Become His Footstool (Joshua 10:15-27)
  • An Alliance is made to bring the fight to Israel (Joshua 9:1-2), however this Alliance is thwarted by God (10:11).
  • Defeated the Five Kings run and hid in a cave which Joshua seals with a guard (10: 15-18) while he and rest of army pursue fleeing soldiers. Many fell, some survived and took refuge in fortified cities (Vv.19-20).
  • No objection was found among the people (v.21)
    • See -> Romans 9:17-24
  • Returning to the sealed cave, has the stone removed and the Five Kings brought out. (Vv.22-23)
  • Joshua affirms the Lords victory by having the Five Kings become the footstools for Israel (Vv.24-25)
    • See -> Psalm 110:1 / 1 Corinthians 15:24-28
  • The Five Kings are then killed and hung on five trees until the evening (Vv.26-27) Note -> Deuteronomy 21:22-23


  1. Strongholds Continue to Fall (Joshua 10:28-39)
  • Seven Cities Fall (Southern Region of Canaan)
    • Makkedah (v.28) / Place of Shepherds / Influence
      • Note -> Genesis 3:15 / Zechariah 13:7
    • Libnah (Vv.29-30) / White, compact pavement
    • Lachish (Vv.31-32) / Rough
    • Gezer (v.33) /Portion; Strong Military City
    • Eglon (Vv.34-35) / Calf-place (god lives here)
    • Hebron (Vv.36-37) / Bind, league or confederacy
      • Note-> Genesis 13:8
    • Debir (Vv.38-39) / Oracle -> Living Word -> Holy of Holies


III. Justice, Mercy and Salvation (Joshua 10:40-43)

  • While the narrative notes that all was devoted to destruction (Vv.40-43), we know this is not referring literally to all of the inhabitants of these regions conquered (Note -> Joshua 16:10)
    • Conquest was to be gradual / Exodus 23: 29-30
    • What is Devoted to Destruction / Deuteronomy 7:1-8
    • Destroying Canaanite religion / Deuteronomy 12:1-5

God’s Justice has come (Romans 1:18) and we are spared with time as a Mercy (Lamentations 3:22-23) from Him in order to take His Salvation (Psalm 85:10).

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