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Making All Things New

January 26, 2020 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Joshua: Salvation Through Judgment

Topic: Making All Things New

Going deeper questions (Life Group)

  • What stood out to you about this message and why?
  • What was the potential God was offering Israel (22:3-5)? What role would personal faith play in their own personal experience with God (22:6-13)? To whom did the victory truly belong (22:9-10)? How does remembering this keep us balanced in our own walk with Jesus? Why does feeling like we did things in our own strength activate conceit which in turn can lead us away from God? (Consider Romans 12:3) (POINT I)
  • What was unique about Shechem? Was this the first time Israel had gathered here?  What was the occasion before?  How does renewing a covenant with God heal and strengthen us, especially after something terrible has happened? (POINT II)
  • Why is it important to remove what is between us and God? What are some things you have needed to remove from your life in order to keep God central in our focus and life pursuit? Do these things ever try to come back into our lives? Where does their power come from? Where does our power come from to keep them away? Is your life right now being led by decision making that will lead to an ending like Joshua’s? Why or why not? How has Joshua inspired you to live more surrendered to God? (POINT III)

              Message outline

Title: Making All Things New

Series: Joshua: Salvation Through Judgment

Text: Joshua 23 & 24

Main Idea: Our choices lead us closer to or further away from God.


  1. God is Faithful (Joshua 23:1-16)
  • Joshua is now as Moses was before Israel entered the Land of Promise. Following much of Moses’ example, Joshua now calls the leaders of the Tribes together for a final word of encouragement. (Vv.1-2)
  • The potential of what God can do in their lives is offered:
    • Each Tribe received land amongst the destroyed strongholds (Vv.3-4)
    • God will do through each of them what He had done through them as a Nation (v.5)
  • The role personal faith plays in experiencing this potential
    • Stay faithful to God- know and observe His commands amidst the constant invitation to stray (Vv.6-8)
    • Remember it is He through you; remember to whom the victory truly belongs (Vv.9-10)
    • If you stray from God, His absence brings the judgment that fell on Canaan upon you (Vv.11-13)
      • Note Rahab & the Gibeonites!
    • The appeal of a life lived well- God is Faithful! (Vv.14-16)
  1. Remember Where You Came From (Joshua 23:1-13)
  • In the same place Joshua renewed the Covenant between God and Israel after the sin of Achan, the Nation again is summoned for a Renewal at Shechem. (v.1)
    • A shadow of what we enjoy in Christ through the Supper!
  • Joshua reviews their History-
    • God’s Covenant Pillars: Abraham, Isaac & Jacob (v.2-4)
    • God’s Covenant Beacons: Moses & Aaron (v.5-7)
    • God’s Covenant Provision: Eastern Land (v.8-13)

III. What Being Faithful to God Looks Like (Joshua 23:14-33)

  • Remove what is between you and God (v.14)
    • Choose who you will serve (v.15)
    • Israel affirms their heritage and commitment to God (v.16-19)
    • Joshua warns them to consider well what they are doing (v.20-22)
    • Commitment to remove and keep away anything that would come between them and God (v.23-28)

A life lived faithful to God (v.29-33) allows God to work through us, making all things new! (2 Corinthians 5:17)

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