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Where is Your Brother?

May 31, 2020 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Kingdom Vision 2020

Topic: Where is Your Brother?

Sermon: Where is Your Brother / Text: Supporting Text


In light of what happened to George Floyd and the breaking out of riots in Minneapolis (and beyond), we as God’s people- His Body, the Church- must stand and be counted to declare the value every human being has in God’s eyes and the equality Jesus brings to us all.  The issue is sin; more than a theory we acknowledge or discuss, it is a problem that touches all of us in very real-life altering ways.

The moment we chose sin, we turned from God and became broken and lost…

Sermon Notes:

The Problem -> Steps Away from God (Every step away from Him causes pain for us and others)

Where are you? -God (Genesis 3:7-13) When we lose sight of God…

  1. Disconnected from God, Adam and eve tried to cover themselves with their own efforts. This was an outward covering hiding an inward problem. (v.7)
  2. Knowing the truth, they tried to hide because they feared the presence of God and hid (Vv.8-10)
  3. Sin is the opposite of all that God is.  Instead of obedience, they chose disobedience.  Now, the fruit is blame rather than ownership.  It is not my fault; I was compelled to do this. (Vv.11-13)

Where is your Brother? (Genesis 4:3-10) We lose sight of each other.

  1. God recognized the battle in Cain’s heart and his constant surrender to it. The only way out of this anger was to draw closer to God (return / turn / repent to Him continually in obedience). (Vv.3-7)
  2. Cain refused and continued away from God- anger grew into murder. (v.8)
  3. In asking Cain about his brother, his response showed how far away he has gone from God. (v.9)
  4. God invites Cain to hear what He does- the cries of the murdered brother! (v.10)

The Dilemma -> Wipe them out or lead them through? (Genesis 6 & 8)

  • Order 66. Wipe them out.  All of them.  (6:5-7) Humanity cannot fix itself; will never choose God.
  • Wait- ugh. Noah.  Amidst God’s heart of grief was the reminder of that love that spurred forward His creative acts- Noah. (6:8)
  • Desiring to destroy all; saving a few God reveals His commitment to the journey ahead to lead Humanity back to Himself. (8:20-22)

The Solution -> The Journey back to Him. 

Through Law…

  1. God raises a nation to show the world what they are missing- unity with Him fills them to overflow out into the world. Israel was to be the vessel in which God would begin stepping into this broken world in ways that began putting pieces back together.  But, like Cain the pushback was a strong resistance.  The true, ugly nature of sin is seen in the rebellion of not only the other Nations they went to battle against; but its corrupting nature would ultimately infect Israel itself resulting in losing sight of God and each other. 
    1. Isaiah 1:1-31

Through Grace…

  1. God sends His Son Jesus to defeat sin, breaking its power over us. Jesus is restoring all things through Salvation of Humanity- healing, transformation, and empowerment.
    1. Luke 4:16-21
    2. Ephesians 4:4-8

We are saved to share in the work of God to redeem and restore all things for our Savior and now King, Jesus.  We are His knights, ambassadors- Agents of Hope.

In Christ, we answer the Call, “Where is your brother (neighbor)?”

  1. 1 John 4:7-21. We need to unlearn the hate, fear- all the fruit of sin we were raised up in.  What we harbor in our hearts and nurture through what we hear, see and believe needs to be redeemed and restored in Christ (Romans 12:1-2).
  2. James 2:14-19. The fruit of redemption within us is our faith not just in declaration, but also demonstration.

As we answer the question of our neighbor’s wellbeing, we have answered the call of God.  To love our neighbor as ourselves is to be in the presence of God in a restored relationship.

Conclusion “The difference between knowing and doing is an eternal gulf”

Mark 12:28-34. 

How can we as citizens of God’s Kingdom bring forth God’s justice into a world broken and rebelling against Him?

  • Listen to the stories of those hurting, suffering. Listen and hear without villainizing victims or perpetrators.
  • Stand for and with the broken, afflicted, wounded, orphaned, widowed, fatherless.
  • Speak and demonstrate the Gospel in ways that see you present in the lives of our neighbors.
  • Pray, labor towards and partner into the community where God has provided opportunity. These opportunities lie in the areas of those crying out and God has heard and is answering.


The more time we spend with God in His Kingdom- where there is equality in love, justice in His righteousness- the greater our heart will grieve as we live and do life in this world.

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