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Beauty Through the Gate

June 14, 2020 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Kingdom Vision 2020

Topic: Beauty Through the Gate

Sermon Title: “Beauty Through the Gate”

Sermon Series: Acts: Kingdom Vision 20/20

Text: Acts 3:1-26

Speaker: Pastor Damian Mericka


Key Theme: Ecclesiastes 3:11. God has placed eternity in the heart of Humanity.  This is more than a longing for heaven or life after this; it is an internal awareness that there is more than what our senses perceive.  As we are drawn to God, learning about who He is we will never be able to grasp the eternal perspective that God has.  Therefore, this life is a journey of faith in God; trusting that He is working to restore all things to a Divinely appointed Beauty- the Beauty of salvation, healing, transformation, and unity in Jesus our King.

Faith is an invitation to trust God in His timing.

There is a planted awareness of God within us that calls us closer to Himself.  Yet with our own strength we are unable to pass through the Gates into God’s presence.  With our strength and life spent we are destined to reside outside the Gate of God’s presence.  Outside of His Beauty.


Going Deeper: 1) Have you ever felt exhausted to the point of being completely empty?  Having nothing left to give to family, marriage, job, church, God?  How important is it to depend on God’s strength to live life with Him? Why are we so prone to do it in our own strength?

Acts 3:1-10

A day starting out like every other finds Peter and John on their way to the Temple to pray. 

A day starting out like every other finds a man born lame carried to a Gate called Beautiful (one of the entrances into the Temple) to ask for alms.

Going Deeper: 2) What do gates symbolize? In this context, the Temple represented God and the people together.  However, those like the lame man could not enter.  Do you ever feel like you are outside of God, Spirit Community, or other relationships in your life? How does the feeling of being an outsider affect your service to Jesus?

Going Deeper: 3) Why did Peter ask the lame man to look at him? How does eye contact invite equality and transparency?

Going Deeper: 4) In whose name did Peter command the lame man to stand? What happened next? How did this man restored enter the Temple?  How is your entrance into worship- tired and bored or healed and dancing?


Acts 3:11-26

As this healed and restored man enters through the Gate called Beautiful for the first time, he enters leaping and praising.  Capturing people’s attention crowds gather to understand what happened. 

In this moment Peter proclaims the Name of He whom he and John represent.  Those in the crowd were part of the manipulated power struggle between Judaism leaders and Jesus.  Although in ignorance, all was a part of God’s ultimate plan to bring salvation for all of humanity through Israel- through Jesus.

Going Deeper: 5) What did Moses say about Jesus?  Was Jesus a Messiah for Jews only?


Concluding Thoughts

Check out Matthew 4:23-25.

Going Deeper: 6) What did Jesus’ ministry look like?  What did the Apostle’s ministry look like? What should our ministry look like?  Are we trying to look more like Rome or Jesus?  Can a local church partnered with Rome display the power and authority of Jesus? Do you believe Jesus’ example of Ministry which the Apostles followed is our example to follow today?



Peter and John were following Jesus and heard the cry of this lame man who came as far as he could. Even with the aid of those who loved and cared for him; the gate was as far as he could go.  Jesus reached through them into this lame man who placed faith in Him and took Peter’s hand to rise healed.

Did Peter preach a Gospel message before or after the Gospel demonstration?

Going Deeper: 7) How does the relationship with the Apostles to Jesus compare to the relationship with Elisha to Elijah? How does our relationship to Jesus affect the proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel?   Did Peter and John point the man to Jesus or invite him to walk and do life with them in pursuit of Jesus?  What does our Gospel witness look like?

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