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The Source of our Anointing

January 3, 2021 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Throne Room Living

Topic: The Source of our Anointing

Sermon Title: The Source of our Anointing

Sermon Series: Throne Room Living

Text: Supporting Scripture   

Speaker: Pastor Damian Mericka

  1. Introduction: Higher Life Living in His Throne Room

As we begin a new year, the Spirit has been pressing me to move forward with this series on the Higher Life.  The greatest challenge we face in the world today is not our personal problems (health / finances / relationships), politics, rumors of war, Covid-19, or even the devil.  The problem the church faces today is that we have lost sight on were we are seated.  We are looking at the world, ministry, and Jesus from the wrong perspective.  The result is a very dormant church struggling on life support.

This is a series to recalibrate our understanding of what it means to be a part of the Kingdom of God.  What it means to be seated with Christ in Heavenly Places.  What it means to be filled, gifted, anointed, and sealed in the Spirit.  My prayer is that we experience such revival that would rival the greatest outpourings of the Spirit yet in human history!  This may be bold- but I cannot be in the Throne Room of Jesus Christ and be anything less than bold!

“…and raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus…” -Paul, Ephesians 2:6

“After this I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven! And the first voice, which I had heard speaking to me like a trumpet, said, ‘Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this. At once I was in the Spirit, and behold, a throne stood in heaven, with one seated on the throne.” -John, Revelation 4:1-2

“We shouldn’t be under our circumstances, or looking around at our circumstances, but looking down on them, for we are, indeed, seated in heavenly places- above our circumstances.” -Dr Paul L. King, “Come Up Higher”

This is not a self-help series.  This is not your best life now.  This is not prosperity gospel, or name-it-and-claim-it silliness.  This is seeking to understand through the Spirit what God has revealed to us in His Word, for His Glory alone!  It is recognizing and acknowledging that our lives are to be given to Him as a living sacrifice; for He alone is worthy to be lifted on high! Jesus alone is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords- it is He who is seated at the right hand, heir to the Throne of David!

Going Deeper: 1) If you were asked today how life was going, what would be your response?  Would your answer show that your gaze is from your circumstances up toward God or from God down toward your circumstances?  Why is this important for you personally as well as the church as a whole? How does this impact our ministry strength?


  1. Fear Denies Anointing (1 Samuel 21:1-15)

This week we begin with the Kingdom of Israel, a shadow of God’s Kingdom. With so much potential, it is a time of great division and heartache.  One Throne has failed, while another is rising. David, newly anointed to be the next King of Israel was about to embark on a 15-year journey that would shape his heart from a shepherd boy to that of a King.  It would be the hardest years of his life where he would experience the best from God and the worst from men.

See -> 1 Samuel 16:12-16.  The anointing over David was confirmed by the Spirit of the Lord rushing upon him, and consequently the withdrawal of the Spirit from Saul.  In that void, Saul descended into an internal hell of self-destruction which overflowed into destruction over the Kingdom.

David loved the Lord before his anointing was revealed and was being trained by God to become a Warrior from youth (1 Samuel 17:32-37). Yet even with the victories that were behind him, the trails ahead of him would test his faith in God. When Saul turned on David, he fled becoming a fugitive.  Anyone who supported David suffered under the hand of Saul who hunted him.

David was looking up at and around his circumstances, not toward God.

In fear, David:

  • Lied to the Priest. David received bread and the sword of Goliath of Gath.  Later, this priest was betrayed by a servant of Saul who witnessed this (Doeg) and was killed by the same at Saul’s command. (1 Samuel 21:1-9)
  • Lied to the King of Gath. David ran from Saul and the Nation of Israel, having to pretend to be insane to again survive this situation his fear led him into. (1 Samuel 21:10-15)

Fear bears the fruit of deception, resulting in constant running.

Even though Saul was bringing chaos upon Israel, the land and the people are God’s.  God was not calling David to run in fear but stand in truth.  It can be hard to trust the God of our youth with the circumstances of adulthood.  It is one thing to trust God in little things- but big things?! My marriage? My children? My career? My finances? My health?

However, God began something in David before He had anointed him to be king, and He is faithful to complete it…for the Glory of His Son!  (See -> Psalm 34)

Running in fear does not allow us to see God’s presence, power, and purpose from His perspective down into our circumstances.  What would happen if David stopped running?

Going Deeper: 2) What was driving David to run?  What was the fruit of fear in David’s life? Did God give up on David (Psalm 34)? Why is it so much harder to trust God as an adult, spouse, employee / employer, etc than when we were younger? What do you struggle to trust God in or with today?



III.  Community Cultivates Anointing (1 Samuel 22:1-5)

God was teaching David that he needed to trust him now, just as he had done in his youthful days. 

Both David’s family and those suffering came to him in the cave of Adullam (12 miles from Bethlehem).  From all walks of life- farmers, merchants, poor, oppressed- outcasts like David.

  However, like David, their potential did not reside in their present circumstances but in God’s declaration over them- His anointing!

Here, David became a leader again.  Here, he was surrounded by love and commitment.  Here, David is beginning to see God’s presence, power, and purpose in his circumstances.  (Note: Hebrews 10:25) Being alone, especially during the pandemic taught us the value of community David is now experiencing here!

God sends the prophet Gad with the message- leave your safe place and go home. 

David was invited to place his hand back in God’s and walk by faith, not sight!

There would be times David gets this Higher Life / Throne Room perspective (1 Samuel 23:1-4) and times he would get overwhelmed by his circumstances (1 Samuel 27:1-6).  As a good Father, even in our moments of fear God shows Himself very present and with His presence comes His purposes.  David was God’s anointed King, a shadow of His Son, Jesus.  His Throne was a shadow of His Son’s Throne. 

God is faithful to glorify His Son- the Hope of Salvation for humanity and restoration to creation!

Going Deeper: 3) What did God bring to David when he stopped running? How was community valuable for David?  How did the Pandemic affect you during the times of isolation? Was it easier or harder to keep encouraged in Faith to trust God? Even when we struggle, is God’s love conditioned on our behavior or unconditioned in His Purposes to see His Son Glorified?

  1. Throne Room Activates Anointing

Even with family and friends, community cannot activate anointing.  Our anointing does not come from our community with each other- it comes from the Throne Room of God! 

  • 1 Peter 2:9-12. We are all called into the Kingdom of God, as those who joined with David, we join with Jesus as our King- our lives for His Glory!
  • Romans 12:3-8. As a part of God’s Kingdom, we are gifted (anointed) to strengthen one another in Faith for service unto the Glory of Jesus our King!
  • 2 Corinthians 1:18-24. Paul ministered in his anointing to help others mature in their He was not the source, but God is of anointing.


We cannot have a healthy Throne Room life without a healthy community (church) life; nor can we have a healthy community (church) life without a healthy Throne Room life.

  • 1 John 2:15-29. God’s Kingdom is both coming and present. As David’s kingdom existed and slowly transitioned beyond Saul’s, God’s Kingdom is slowly (because of His great Mercy) transitioning beyond the kingdom(s) of this world.  Saul and his own did not go down without a fight, and neither do the kingdoms of this world.  We fail when we run alone; but find strength to remain true to Him when we stand together in Him!
  • Ephesians 1:15-2:7. We have been raised and seated with Christ in Heavenly Places (Throne Room). We are called to live this Higher Life, activating-cultivating-maturing in our anointing for His Glory!

As we begin 2021, let us not be driven by fear to run, but filled with the Spirit in faith to recognize we are seated with Christ in the Throne Room!

How can we cultivate this Higher Life reality today and all our tomorrow’s?

  • Be in the Word. Read the Bible regularly (devotionally as well as studying).
    1. Plug into Small Groups / Women’s Ministry / Men’s Ministry (Coming SOON!)
    2. Start a Bible reading plan (Read Annually)
  • Be in Prayer. Pray regularly, often, continually, always!
    1. Plug into our Intercession Team(s)
    2. Join us Thursday Night online or phone for Prayer Hour (6:30-7:30)
    3. Make fasting a regular rhythm in your walk with God.
  • Be in Community. Make attending services a priority.
    1. Be on time prepared to worship in song and word.
    2. Lead your families to value this time.
    3. If joining virtually, set this time aside to worship.
  • Be an Active Voice of Invitation for others to join God’s Kingdom in Christ!

Higher Life living is living in the Spirit. 

Knowing His anointing, your gifting, can help strengthen your faith as you come to understand His working in your life.

As a young man, David was being prepared for his anointing as King long before the event took place.  There were times life was very confusing for him, but he learned to trust God and value his circumstances as opportunities to be transformed for His Glory!

Going Deeper: 4) What is the source of our Anointing? Where are we presently seated in Christ? What is Higher Life? What areas are you looking to strengthen this year in the Spirit? What is your anointing (gifting)? If you have any questions, please reach out to me, Pastor Damian!  My prayer for you is that you are seated with Christ in His Throne Room, recognize the source of and are activated in your anointing, living His Higher Life for His Glory alone!