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“The Pandemic”

June 20, 2021 Speaker: Gary Strunk Series: StandAlone_2021

Topic: “The Pandemic”

“The Pandemic”



Intro - The 2 Pandemics

From the Fall 

Pain and suffering are a consequence of sin Gen 3: 16-18


The Legacy

Whose fault is it? John 9:1-7

Sickness, pain can be a DIRECT result of Sin (from behavior, addictions)

Generational Sin can be passed on

Our own sinful nature, and the corruption of creation.

Sickness and suffering are physical effects of a spiritual brokenness in the world.


The solution: Healing

The first and second Adam Romans 5: 12-18

4-Fold Gospel -- in the CMA Logo, the pitcher represents Healing

Christ’s examples and instructions to disciples:

Given Power Mark 3:13-15

Given Authority Matt 10:10

Greater works John 14:8-14

Be in unity 1 Cor 12:1-30

Beware of counterfeits Matt 7:21-23

The Purpose of healing -- Glory to God John 14:13-14,  

John 9:2-3,

Luke 10:8-9

Going Deeper

  1. How might Sin and Sickness be DIRECTLY connected?  How are they not? Give examples.


  1. Are there physical characteristics that you inherited from your family? Were there any good or bad behaviors that were inherited? 


  1. How did “the Second Adam” address all the problems created by the First Adam?


  1. What do the 4 symbols on the CMA logo represent? (for help, see


  1. According to 1 Cor 12, why is unity so important? How do we share in our suffering? 


  1. Is healing still a privilege for the believer today?  

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