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Galatians: Inside Out

August 15, 2021 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Galatians: Sons & Heirs in Christ

Topic: Galatians: Inside Out

Sermon Title: “Galatians: Inside Out 

Sermon Series: Galatians: Sons and Heirs in Christ 

Text: Galatians 5 & 6

Speaker:  Pastor Damian Mericka 


  1. Introduction: Inside Out in the Spirit

I think if we are honest, at some point in our lives we wished, prayed even, that God would just miraculously fix our problems.  Take away our stress and pain.  From marriage, parent / children, job, health- God why don’t you just fix everything?


The truth is, God is working to bring His fruit through our lives.  However, He is doing it from the inside out.  His fruit cannot come from a sick heart.  If God just “fixed” our circumstances, we would only bring the same devastation again.  Why? Because our hearts have not been changed.

  1. Freedom to Love like Jesus Loves (Galatians 5:1, 6, 13-15)
    1. 5.1 Be determined to grow in your freedom; use it to discover more of Jesus more than anything else in this life that can easily tangle our life (time / resource / peace / joy)
    2. 5.6 Who Jesus is- this relationship with Him- is the only thing that makes a difference in anyone’s life.  
    3. 5.13-15 If the Law has a voice in our lives today it is this.  Love your neighbor as yourselves.  The unity Christ brings should be found as we gather (church) and overflow into our communities (mission).  This is the fruit of the Spirit.  When it isn’t happening, we are turning back to sin- selfishness, disobedience, etc.


    1. The Inside Work of the Spirit (Galatians 5:16-26)
      1. 5.16-18 The struggle is real.  The Holy Spirit and sinful nature. The sin is encouraged by the devil; the Spirit is the Will of the Father through His Son for our lives. Like Israel in the Old Testament, if we just follow rules without our heart in love with God we will eventually stop following rules. It’s the same author for both Law and Grace.
      2. 5.19-21 We all face the brokenness of life in this world with or without Jesus.  However, for those in Christ, the Spirit leads us into a better direction.


  • 5.22-26 God is renovating our hearts to produce His fruit in and through our lives.



  1. The Outside Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 6)
    1. 6.1-6,10 Believers model a unity within themselves that is poised to sow outward into the world they missionally are placed in.
    2. 6.7-9,11-15 This inside out transformation is the difference the Holy Spirit makes in our lives through our faith in Jesus Christ by which we ourselves are saved. The fruit of living this out (sowing) is that others are invited to experience (reaping) the same.


  1. Conclusion

Life in this world will have its moments of hardship and suffering.  We will experience pain, illness, heartache, and loss.  We will experience fun, joy, love, and a sense of fulfillment.  With or without Jesus. 


Why Jesus then? All those things noted are reserved to this life here and now.  Not the eternal life that awaits us all.  Jesus positions us in His eternal Kingdom to know His love, joy, peace, and satisfaction of living for Him here and now. 


If we have placed faith in Jesus Christ for our salvation, His Spirit is within us changing us from the inside out into who we are in Him.  


While we experience the same circumstances our family, neighbors, co-workers- people we live and do life amidst- our response should be noticeably different.  It should not be the fruit of our sinful nature, but the fruit of the Spirit from a heart that has been ransomed, healed, and maturing in Jesus.  God seeks to do His kingdom work through each of us, from the inside out!


Going Deeper 

-Questions for Reflection & Application-


  1. What stood out to you about today’s message and why?

  1. Why doesn’t God just miraculously take away our problems and fix our lives?

  1. What does God want us to do with the freedom He has given us through Jesus?


  • What is going on inside each of us between the Holy Spirit and our sinful nature (flesh)?  What does the fruit of our sin look like?  What does the fruit of the Spirit look like?  Which is seen most in your life by those closest to you?



  • What happens on the outside between us (church) and those we are on Mission to (community) when we are living surrendered to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives?  How can we continue to grow in Jesus from the inside out?



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